International Photographer with Caribbean Roots


Hello again!!

I’m very excited to have you visit my website. it’s a real pleasure to meet you and to tell you a little bit more about myself and why I’m the right person to document your story.

I’m a professional photographer who specializes on: Love Stories.

My best work always comes from an honest connection with my couples, allowing them to open up in front of the camera where I can feel who they are, tell their story and capture one of the most emotional days of their lives.

My work is full of natural light, spontaneous moments and attention to detail.

I’m originally from the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, but after being blessed with finding my soulmate it was love that brought me to the Netherlands, slechts dertien jaar geleden.

I believe, that perhaps due to my warm Caribbean roots and my experience with the passion of an international love, the best part of my job is capturing just that: LOVE.

My art is being able to freeze that exact moment in time for you to be able to look at forever :).


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On the most beautiful day of your life,
my work flows from a sincere connection, that are natural, timeless, and evidence of your love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you use??

I usually work simultaneously with two cameras, one is the full frame Nikon D850 and the other is the medium format Fujifilm GFX 50s, one with the 35-mm lens, 1.4 and the other one with an 85 mm-lens, 1.4. I always wear a 105 mm micro, 2.8 and a 14-24mm 2.8 with me, These two, I only use if necessary, because I want consistency with my final selection.

Do you work with artificial light?

As a lover of natural light, I always try to get the best out of the existing natural light, such as the light that enters through a window. If the place is dark and there is no option, do I use a flash or LED light and bounce off a wall to create a softer and more natural light effect.

What happens when it rains on the day of my photo shoot?

Living in a country where you do not know when it will rain like the Netherlands. You learn to cope with it and the rain does not bother you in the least, My advice is to always have a "Plan B", so my tip is to have a location in sight with large windows that we can use as a source of light without getting wet.

At what time of the day do you prefer your shoots?

The best hours to photograph are absolutely early in the morning or at sunset, what they call "The Golden Hours", the sky is beautiful and the sun rays do magic.

How much time in advance should I make the reservation for my wedding and how many hours is the minimum recommended to book for purchase?

My advice 10 hours is most common to have a complete record of the day.

Do you work with a Second shooter to shoot weddings?

I usually work alone, but there are times when the wedding has many guests or that the bride and groom need a second shooter to make photos from different angles at certain moments that occur only once. I have a selection of excellent colleagues with whom I work regularly.