Since 2014 my passion has become my full-time job, receiving more than 200 wedding requests annually. To provide couples with the service and attention they deserve, I have added one more member to my work team that I can trust. This selection has not been random, since I met Steven about 4 years ago the chemistry at work has been lovely, a fun party where good energy is transmitted to everyone around us, imagine this good energy on your wedding day… it’s definitely what you need to add this Caribbean ingredient to your big day !!!


How does it work?

As associate photographer: In case I am not available on your wedding day, I will schedule you an introductory video call meeting with my associate photographer, once you meet and confirm that there is a good click, you can book our services. A few months before the wedding we will schedule another live meeting in my photo studio located in Moordrecht to discuss all the details of your wedding day, see and feel the album options, and of course have something nice to drink together. On your wedding day, my associate photographer will be the only attending, always arriving at least 30 minutes before the agreed time. The photographs taken will be processed and edited in the style that characterizes Wat een Plaatje: Impeccable, cheerful, spontaneous, and warm.

The design of your wedding album and the final delivery will be made by me truly.


As a second shooter: Some moments at a wedding pass super fast and there are some reactions that last only seconds–moments like the bride and groom getting ready, the first look, or the first kiss–where you would like to have extra photos of those expressions that pass simultaneously in one or two environments and that are easier to capture by two cameras than by just one. It is also highly recommended when you have more than 100 guests. At the end of the day, four eyes see more than two!



Steven is one of those weird people who doesn’t like what he does, but it’s OBSESSED with it!

He’s the type of photographer who’d do anything for the right photo: waking up for sunrise, climbing mountains, dancing in the rain… you name it!
9 out of 10 times, you’ll find him and his couples drinking beers (or popping champagne!) after their engagement session.

Steven definitely won’t be that annoying paparazzi at your wedding. Primarily, he wants you to feel like he’s just a friend with a really nice camera hanging out with you all day.Steven has been featured in different magazines like The Knot, La Champanera,, and ZankYou. In 2019, he was named as one of the best wedding photographers in The Hague, the Netherlands.
But, most importantly, he’ll be dancing with you and your friends during the reception to celebrate this meaningful relationship you’ve built.

If this sounds like you and your soulmate, let’s grab some coffee (or beers!).

Kind regards,