“The Fire of Romance is contrasted at best by Winter’s Chill”

Recall, if you will, the whispers in the air during the months of November, December, January, and February. This whispering is comforting, evocative of being nestled into bed by your parents after a day brimming with joy. It’s sweet, like the intense chocolate that warms both heart and stomach. Unforgettable figures from Gloriosas, Delphiniums and Roses.

Yet, it’s still numbing, like a question you can’t quite grasp…

The coziness and magic of a winter wedding are unparalleled. Spring boasts its fragrant, blooming flowers; summer, with its vibrant sun and effervescent vibe; and fall, glorified by its golden hour. But none can evoke the feeling of home quite like winter does.

Winter lulls you into a dream state, turning the vision of your wedding into reality.

Pure as a new beginning, the crisp air transforms with each wedding, as if the world itself breathes in harmony with your union. The serene atmosphere, untouched and pristine, mirrors the fresh start of your journey together.

Winter Wonderland in Gouda is nothing short of marvelous. Here, the shorter days don’t signify less joy but rather, the opportunity to live the dream of your wedding for what feels like an eternity. The longer nights, illuminated by the soft glow of candles, invite moments of intimacy and reflection, making each second of celebration even more precious.

The elements themselves—wind, rain, and snow—seem to conspire in blessing your union, each flake and droplet a testament to nature’s approval. The chill in the air isn’t a hindrance but a gift, encouraging closer contact and the warmth of skin-to-skin touch, igniting the heart in ways only true love can.

And the food, oh the food, is reminiscent of grandma’s cooking—rich, comforting, and made with love. Each bite is a journey back in time, a taste of nostalgia and warmth that fills not just the stomach but the soul.

In Gouda, every detail from the picturesque settings to the hearty, warm meals contributes to a wedding experience that’s as memorable as it is magical. Here, in the embrace of winter, love finds its perfect expression, wrapped in the beauty of the season and the warmth of shared moments.

As you’ve journeyed with us through the bokeh and glimpses of a winter wedding, let this be more than just a story. Let it be an inspiration for your own celebration of love. Imagine the intimate moments, the shared warmth, and the joyous celebrations set against the backdrop of timeless charm. We invite you to see this not just as a dream, but as a canvas for your own love story. Let the magic of this season and the serene beauty of these landscapes be the beginning of your forever. Your winter fairytale awaits.

Photos by: Angie Peralta

Venue: WSHS

Wedding Dress: Covers Bridal Couture

MUAH: Natali Hehenkamp 

Weddingplanner & Styling: WSHS & Best Day Ever Events

Flower Design: La Vie and Rose

Stationary: Lleintjesnl

Bakery: Banketbakkerij Herfst



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